35_ Margarita and Mythical Manta Part 2

■ Margarita and Mythical Manta Part 2 ■

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34_Margarita and Mythical Manta Part 1 

Wellll…that was a fail obviously I wasn’t prepared today. I decided to head back to the beach but realised quite a crowd had gathered and were watching us.


As a professional I realised I can’t go back to the island…it would just be so embarrassing!


In addition to my manta-mishap I was having another issue…as I tried to swim my long dress would get tangled in my legs and well…it would start to creep up a bit too high!


Man 1: Do you think they know that those are fish not manta?
Man 2: We should probably tell them so…
Man 1: Mehh let them go


The next day I was horrified to find a story about myself in Coconut Radio. I think it is time for me stop drinking…for awhile at least


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