36_GoPro Battle Royale

A woman and her daughter came to visit from Malaysia, they were delighted to have a chance to use their divers license and the newly release GoPro9

However…once they entered the water the typical Mother/Daughter bickering ensued…



Mother: Me first!
Daughter: No Me!!


I thought a school of spotted garden eels might distract them from their bantering…

…but no


Despite being underwater the two women continued to push and shove each other like they were at a bargain sale.

Mother: Me First!!!
Daughter: No Me!!!

Every amazing sea creature we saw resulted in another quarrel I was starting to worry that they may break their brand-new GoPro.

After the diving ended…

After a few hours of underwater bickering the two emerged looking strangely happy…

I will never understand the mystery of the mother daughter relationship

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I’m dying to buy the new GoPro.
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