37_GoPro Survival Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour

One day we had a petite lady from Japan visit the resort…

much to my surprise she had an interesting request.

Woman: I would like one ticket to the whale shark snorkelling tour please.
Me: (trying to hide my surprise) Whaaat? I mean yes of course maam will you be going alone?

I thought back to the usual strong people who book this tour…this was going to be quite a challenge for someone so petite

After she insisted she would like to join I offered her some unofficial but helpful advice for the tour.

I lectured her “How To See and Swim With Whale Sharks Responsibly”.


Me: Good luck little one…this is where I leave you. Stay safe!

A few hours later……..

Me: I think she is in the battlefield over there!!

Women: (breathless) I….did..it…I…took…a lot of…nice videos…


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