39_Wild Picnic_Maldivian Style

My friend invited me to a picnic.

Man: hey Koyuki, do you wanna go on a picnic?
Me: Yes! Sure!!


I imagined a Japanese style picnic that I used to enjoy with my friends.

Me: I wonder when the last time I went on a picnic was.  It must be peaceful and fun.

The main transportation in the Maldives is boat. My heart was still racing at that time,,,


but then,,,


Right after we got to an island, my friend passed me an iron pipe…

Man: let’s go. You can go free diving, can’t you?
Me: well,,, I can do tho,,, what to do with the pipe?


I’ve got nothing but a bad feeling…


And,,, I was right,,,



We call this a survival game, not a picnic…Man: you are a diver, you can do this, can’t you?
Me: how could I possibly do this?


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