40_Washing Dishes with….!!

The previous episode of the wild picnic is here!

39_Wild Picnic_Maldivian Style


After all, I could not catch anything and it wounded my pride as a diver.Me: was a picnic supposed to be this hard?
Men: hey, food is ready!


Me: I’m sorry that I couldn’t help at all
Men: oh, don’t be sorry, it’s ok.

The lunch was fresh seafood curry and extraordinary spicy BBQ.



As I couldn’t catch anything, at least I wanted to wash the dishes for them.Me: I will wash the dishes, leave it to me
Man: Thanks!

Man: wash the dishes with sand like this!
Me: seriously?

Me: have you heard that sand could be used for washing dishes?!
Gaara: I’ve never seen the jutsu

But then,,,!!

It worked quite well, and it cleaned all the greasy spots.

I found that the Maldives’ life is quite Eco-friendly.


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