41_Just Do What You Wanna Do Right Now!

One fine day,,,

Man: Hey, Koyuki, do you wanna go snorkeling?

The Maldivian guy can’t wait once he decides.


Me: it’s too sudden. How about tomorrow?
Man: no, we should go now!

Man: Come on, why do you even think about tomorrow now? You know, tomorrow is another day.

Me: why do you even expect that I would accept the sudden invitation? Besides, you should think about tomorrow a bit.

Thought I don’t have any plan, when someone think I’ve got nothing to do, my heart doesn’t let me accept the invitation,,,

Man: Because the weather is perfect right now, but nobody knows about 2 hours later. We shouldn’t put off what you can do now!! We should just do it right now, otherwise, we will miss the chance forever!!


Man: Anyway, let’s go!

He is very pushy and I’m the kind of person who gives in to push….

One year later,,,

Me: Hey, let’s go snorkeling now, now, right now!!!
Man: What?! You have changed a lot..

The environment makes a person…


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