45_Highly Poisonous Fishes & Tinker Bell

She is a water nymph named Tinker Bell (Pseudonym). She is a regular who visits our resort three times a year.Tinker Bell: I’m 175 million years old!

Year of diving experience: Hundred million
Speciality: Communication with aquatic biotas

When she found a huge moray eel…

*Please do not try this.

Tinker Bell: Hey, good boy
Me: It’s gonna bite off your hand!!!

When we bumped into a big stone fish that hoards lethal poison…

*Please do not try this.

Me: she is caressing the lips with her finger!!

Me: Excuse me but please may you stop touching those fishes as it is quite dangerous…

Me: oh boy, it’s totally fine with me as I can communicate with fishes.

Or else, can’t you even talk with them tho you are an instructor?


Tinker Bell: Let’s go for the 3rd diving!!

And then Tinker Bell swims underwater as if she flies…

Thank you very much for your support.
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Never seen a Stone fish?
Check the video below: ( Youtube in Japanese )